How it works

The B2B Meetings platform connects retail companies with potential retail technology, equipments and services providers


Who can register?
  • buyers/ technical buyers;
  • category managers;
  • purchasing directors;
  • procurement managers;
  • marketing directors;
  • other decision-makers.
As a buyer, once registered on the platform:
  • you will have access to a wide range of products, services, solutions, technologies and equipment for retail, services that can help your business and bring you new customers;
  • you will be able to select and choose the products & services that your company needs;
  • you will be able to confirm and hold free business meetings from the comfort of your own office.
Buyer Registration

Services Providers

Who can register?
  • sales managers;
  • key account managers;
  • marketing directors;
  • business owners;
  • other authorized persons.
As a service provider, once registered on the platform:
  • you will be able to present and highlight your business in front of potential customers – companies;
  • you will be able to complete(fill in) relevant information about the company (field, addressability, website, etc.);
  • you will be able to upload presentations, catalogs (in pdf) or presentation videos (links from YouTube, Vimeo);
  • you will be able to request, schedule and hold business meetings with buyers from retail companies through the platform.
Services Providers Registration

Business meetings:

  • are scheduled through the B2B Meetings platform at a mutually agreed date and time, depending on the availability of each participant;
  • products & services providers can request meetings with retail companies, marking in the platform the companies they want to meet with;
  • only those meetings accepted by the buyers from retail companies will be scheduled and held;
  • take place through online meeting platforms (Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, etc.). Each meeting lasts a maximum of 30 minutes;
  • the representatives of the B2B Meetings platform will create the connection link and ensure that the meetings takes place properly;
  • they will be able to take place also face-to-face within the expo & conference events organized / co-organized by the publication, in a designated an separted space (when the context will allow the organization of physical events);
  • one or more people from each company can attend a meeting;


Buyers from retail participate for free at scheduled meetings from the B2B Meetings platform.

The cost of meetings is in the care of service providers, according to the following meeting plan:

  • 3 meetings package
  • 5 meetings package
  • 7 meetings package

More details after registration ot ask for more details at